Málaga to become Ryanair base in 2010

Ryanair has announced that it is to open its 38th base at Málaga airport in June 2010 with four aircraft and nineteen new routes being launched.

Ryanair to cut flights from the UK

Ryanair are to cut 30% of their flights out of London’s Stansted airport this coming winter, reducing the number of flights on 30 routes and completely cutting out 10 routes.

Almería to Dusseldorf with Ryanair

Ryanair has now started operating flights between Almería and Dusseldorf using Boeing 737-800 aircraft with a capacity of 189 passengers. The flights are on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Ryanair apologises to Queen Sofia

Budget airline Ryanair are never slow to take advantage of a situation when it comes to promotion, but it does tend to get them into trouble.

Even less frills on Ryanair

Ryanair look set to become the first airline to get rid of the check-in desks in favour of online booking and check-in.

Ryanair contemplating charging for using the toilets on planes

It may soon be a case of ‘don’t drink and fly’ as the low-cost airline Ryanair is seriously considering the introduction of coin slots on aircraft loos! It would cost £1 to take a leek. Despite being a ‘low-cost’, no frills airline, Ryanair already has some pretty hefty charges for ‘extras’. The carrier charges £30 to check in a bag, …

Ryanair to cease operations in Fuertaventura

The low-cost airline Ryanair has decided to cease its operations in Fuerteventura as from January 31st 2009, a move which leaves 5,000 people holding tickets they can’t use.

Ryanair to close its base in Valencia

The low cost airline Ryanair is closing down its base in Valencia after the Consell, the Valencian government, rejected requests for financial aid to promote growth. Ryanair were requesting a €1 million grant for advertising, but the Consell told them there was no money available for collaboration purposes. Rival airline Air Nostrum, however, are apparently receiving financial assistance to the …


Low cost airline RYANAIR is closing its website from 22:00 tomorrow until 23:00 on February 25th for maintenance, during which time it will not possible to make online reservations. The closure has no effect whatsoever, of course, on existing bookings.