Protest outside offices of Sevillana-Endesa

Residents from Villanueva de Tapia in Málaga province have been protesting outside the offices of Sevillana-Endesa in calle Maestranza, fed up with the continuing power outages in the area.

Last Wednesday, the town, population 1,700, was cut off for about eight hours, both electricity and telephone lines being out of action. On that occasion, Sevillana-Endesa said the problem was with a line from Iznájar (Córdoba), the high winds, gusting up to 90 kph, causing the safety mechanisms to ‘trip’.

However, the residents are demanding action, saying that the power cuts have been a regular occurrence for many years due to old and poorly maintained lines in the area. This winter, which has been the most severe for many a year, the power outages have been even more frequent than usual.

The Mayor of Villanueva de Tapia, Encarnación Páez, has already written two letters to the Junta de Andalucía asking them to intervene in the matter.

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