Potato give-away

The UPA, the Union of Small Farmers, gave away two tons of potatoes outside the doors of a hypermarket in Pulianas, Granada, in a protest against the way large retailers are taking advantage of the Russian ban on food imports from the EU.

Protest by taxi drivers in Sevilla

Almost one thousand taxi drivers, along with their taxis, gathered in Sevilla to protest against ‘repeated breaches’ by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing relating to ‘intrusion’ in the industry.

Tea and biccies win the day

When half a dozen English Defence League supporters turned up to protest outside a small mosque in Bull Lane, York, they were greeted by around one hundred worshippers who offered them tea and biccies and invited them inside for a game of football.

Four fined during airport protest

Two current employees and two retired Iberia staff have been fined by the Local Police in Málaga after they caused a traffic jam at the airport which resulted in passengers arriving late at the airport and flights being delayed.

Protest against austerity measures

There was a small demonstration this evening underneath the arches on the Balcón de Europa, the government austerity measures being the subject of the protest.

Protest on the Balcón de Europa

The Balcón de Europa was the scene today of a small, but at times noisy protest against government plans for cuts in education and health services as part of its austerity programme. Continue reading to see a short video of the protest.