Protest outside offices of Sevillana-Endesa

Residents from Villanueva de Tapia in Málaga province have been protesting outside the offices of Sevillana-Endesa in calle Maestranza, fed up with the continuing power outages in the area. Last Wednesday, the town, population 1,700, was cut off for about eight hours, both electricity and telephone lines being out of action. On that occasion, Sevillana-Endesa said the problem was with …

Spain makes formal protest against visit by Princess Anne

Spain has made a formal protest against the visit to Gibralter by Princess Anne which the Government deems is ‘inappropriate’ and ‘hurtful’ to the Spanish people, particularly those in the Campo de Gibraltar area.

Farmers give away thousands of kilos of produce

Another of those bizarre protests has been taking place in Granada, with the UPA (Union of Farmers and Cattlemen) giving away thousands of kilos of produce in protest at the discrepancy in price between what they receive, which gets lower and lower, and the price charged to consumers, which gets higher and higher. Still waiting for a protest by Ferrari …

Market traders to keep protesting

The market traders in Nerja have obtained permission to hold protest demonstrations every Tuesday throughout September as their dispute with the Council over the new market site continues.