Protest in Madrid against rail fare increases

At 08:29, in the middle of the morning rush hour, ten metro trains in various stations in Madrid were effectively out of action for 9 minutes after protesters activated the ’emergency’ alarms.

EQUO march

EQUO, the Nerja Green Party, is holding a second rally and march to protest the continued lack of a sewage facility in Nerja. The march starts at 12:00 on Sunday April 15th and the meeting place is the roundabout by the Narixa college.

Farmers protest in El Ejido

Around 200 farmers, members of COAG, took part in a protest on Saturday in El Ejido, Almeria province, against the continuing fall in prices of Spanish fruit and vegetable products.

Municipal employees in Barbate stage protest

Workers at Barbate Town Hall and employees of the municipal companies took to the streets today to protest at the irregular payment of salaries for the past four months.

ASAJA handing out olives in Sevilla

At 10:30 today, Wednesday, the agrarian association ASAJA will be giving away 5,000 kilos of table olives in Sevilla as a protest against prices and the general state of the industry.

Farmers protest in Granada

The Farmer’s Union UPA yesterday handed out 4,000 kilos of tomatoes outside a large supermarket in Granada as a protest against the low prices being set by retail outlets, a policy the farmers describe as ‘abusive’.

Farmers distribute free fruit and veg as a protest

A caravan made ​​up of musicians and vehicles drove through the streets of Granada today to distribute over 15,000 kilos of fruits and vegetables, a protest at the low prices of horticultural products as a result of the so-called ‘cucumber crisis’.

10,000 kilos of agricultural produce given away in Torrox

Farmers in Torrox yesterday handed out 10,000 kilos of horticultural produce, mainly cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes, in front of a supermarket frequented by many of the numerous German residents of the town, a deliberate ploy to convey their annoyance with the German government over the handling of the E.coli outbreak.

Protest by miners

Four miners have now been locked inside an abandoned mine for five days as part of their industrial action demand the immediate reopening of the facility.