Protest by taxi drivers in Sevilla

Almost one thousand taxi drivers, along with their taxis, gathered in Sevilla to protest against ‘repeated breaches’ by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing relating to ‘intrusion’ in the industry.

The taxi drivers, members of the  Andalucian Federation of Independent Taxis (FAAT), are protesting about the intrusion into the sector of  privately run taxis as well as the rise of multi-nationals such as Uber and Bla bla, internet based organisations who pair travellers with the nearest taxi or car-share operators to their position.

FAAT also object to the introduction of motorcycle taxis in Sevilla, something the union says contravenes the current laws.

The taxi drivers decided to gather in Sevilla as they say other means of putting forward their position have not produced any results or have been ignored by the authorities.

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