Channel N° 5

A good salesman can probably sell almost anything, even water from the English Channel as a ‘health cure’! Quite popular with the Americans it seems, and a bargain at only £10 a bottle.

One might imagine being the busiest shipping lane in the world, surrounded by sewage works and known to be murky at times, Channel water would not be the first choice for a health cure. But you’d be wrong.

The water comes from an area several miles off St Malo on the French coast, extracted by the company Goeman before being turned into ‘Afrin PureSea Hydrating Nasal Rinse’ by the pharmaceutical company Shering-Plough. The water that is collected is said to have to meet very strict quality controls.

Tests by the company are said to have proven that the water helps to clear mucus and assists people to breathe more easily. Wonder who came up with the strange idea of snorting the English Channel in the first place? Sounds like something Mr Richards might do!

Not sure I fancy the idea that much, but maybe it works, who knows? The Americans like it. Nuff said.

Water is actually pretty big business and some of the more exotic brands are not cheap, to say the least. So what are some of the more unusual bottled waters you might find on the market?

How about Tasmanian Rain? This is water which has never touched the earth. A case of twelve 750ml bottles can be yours for only $59. For those who like their water ‘con gas’ there’s the Sparkling Tasmanian Rain at a mere $63 for a case of twelve. Can’t ever remember sparkling rain, but never mind.

Or a drop of Lauquen Artisan Minsteral Water. This is water from 1,500 feet below the Andes mountains and has never been in contact with air until it is actually bottled. Do they bottle it underground, wearing diving suits? Bizarre thought.

Then there’s Kona Nigari, a snip at $33.50 for a couple of ounces. This is another one from deep down, 2,000 feet under the ocean off Hawaii to be precise. It is bottled by Hawaii Deep Marine and is a seawater mineral concentrate that you mix with your regular drinking water.The Japanes love it apparently.

We’ve had untouched by the earth, untouched by air. So what next? How about water made by melting an iceberg? You can enjoy a drink which has not been in liquid form since the Ice Age. The company Berg make this one. It’s Arctic water by the way. Started out in Greenland some 15,000 years ago, so it’s quite ‘mature’.

Do let us know how you get on with these, especially shoving the English Channel up your nose.

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