Law and order

Various statistics relating to crime in Nerja for 2008 have just been published, many areas showing a decline in ‘activity’ when compared to 2007.

  • 70 road traffic accidents, no fatalities, a drop of 30% on the total for 2007 (103).
  • 246 denuncias for not wearing a crash helmet, down 39% on 2007 (405).
  • 1538 vehicles towed, down 25% on 2007 (2024).

The number of complaints and inspections regarding establishments, for noise, non-adherence to opening hours etc has apparently also gone down but actual no figures are available.

As regards general security, the number of denuncias and detentions has remained pretty much the same as it was in 2007. There were 94 denuncias in 2008, 94 in 2007. There were 83 arrests in 2008, 84 in 2007. Fairly static.

The Environmental Health Unit has been a little more active, such things as pavement fouling by animals and abandoned animals falling within their domain. They made 202 interventions during 2008 compared to 155 in 2007. On this matter, however, the authorities believe the residents can do even more to ensure that the streets are kept free from dog pooh.

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