Was it the real thing?

Speculation is rife that the Michael Jackson who appeared briefly (four minutes) at the O2 Arena in London may not have been the real thing.

Officials say that it was the real Michael Jackson, as they would, but many appear to have their doubts. It was only a brief, four minute appearance but amongst the comments so far are:

  • Wrong walk
  • The person appearing was taller than the real MJ
  • The chin was too square
  • The voice was far too deep
  • The fingers were too long

It is very difficult, of course, for anyone to actually know what Michael Jackson really looks like as he undergoes so much surgery and image enhancement.

In the past, it was even more difficult to know if it was the ‘real thing’ or not. For a long period, Michael Jackson would wera masks, veils, gloves and all sorts of paraphernalia to hide his appearance. I remember watching hundreds of girls screaming their heads off as ‘Michael Jackson’ appeared at the hotel gates to greet them.

He was wearing a huge black hat, a veil completely covering his face, big sunglasses, gloves and a huge black overcoat. Could have been Michael Jackson, could equally have been a duck with a hat on. No-one really knew. And no-one really seemed to care.

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