Miguel Carcaño changes story again

The judge investigating the disappearance of Marta del Castillo today adjourned proceedings to the scene of the alleged crime, calle León XIII in Sevilla, in order to try and reconstruct the sequence of events.

At the same time, Miguel Carcaño, who has, for over a month, consistently confessed to killing 17 year old Marta del Castillo, has changed his story for the second time in two days.

On Monday he revealed that the body had not been thrown in the Rio Guadalquiver, where a search has been ongoing for over a month, but into a rubbish container near his home.

On Tuesday, Carcaño suddenly claimed that the 15 year old detainee in the case, Javier, also known as ‘el cuco’, was in fact the killer. Javier denies this latest accusation.

As for the poor parents of Marta, they simply do not believe what anyone says at the moment as their anguish continues.

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