Brotherhood secures prisoner release

For the fifth year, a prisoner is benefitting from the ancient rite of being released from prison at the request of the religious brotherhoods.

Miguel Ángel, a married man with two children, has been in Alhaurín de la Torre prison since July 2007. The prisoner declined to disclose his crime, merely describing it as ‘an error in life’. On March 2nd he was downgraded to class three, which means he can be with his family during the day, just having to return to prison at night.

The next stage for the brotherhood, the ‘Real Cofradía de Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Sentencia y María Santísima de Gracia y Perdón a Instituciones Penitenciarias’, pending his pardon, is to have Miguel Ángel fitted with a telemetric wristband so that he does not need to return to the prison at night.

The actual act of liberation will take place during the Semana Santa procession on the Tuesday, during which, the ceremonial statues will be carried by 15 prisoners from the provincial jail.

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