Two Sports Stadium projects announced

The Councillor for Sports, Andrés Márquez Castro, has announced details of two major projects to be carried out at the Enrique López Cuenca Sports Stadium.

The first relates to the installation of synthetic turf. The budget for the project is €105,000, financed via the Fondo Estatal de Inversión Local (State Fund for Local Investment), and the completion period is 30 days. The contract has provisionally been awarded to the company Mondo Ibérica.

The second project relates to the running track and the cost, €383,685.49, is being shared equally by the Council and the Ministry of Sports of the Junta de Andalucía. The completion period for this project is also 30 days.

Both projects will start at the same time in order to minimise the disruption and are scheduled to start in June when the number of clubs using the facility is less.

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