Council closes sports facility due to complaints from local residents

The Council has decided to close the sports facilities in Olivar de las Monjas due to complaints by residents in the building adjoining this infrastructure.

The sports centre, with artificial turf, was built at a cost of €50,000 and has been in operation for just over two years. The project was approved by the former administration but the current Council say that it was a mistake to build the centre as its location is not appropriate.

The sports area, with an attached children’s play area, was free for public use and football was the main sport. However, local residents have long been complaining about the constant noise and damage to aircon units and the facade of their building.

The plot of land is municipally owned and the Council is considering turning it into a park. The children’s play area is set to remain.

It is thought that the sports complex could come under investigation in the ‘Acinipo’ case relating to alleged planning corruption in Ronda.

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