Five people with too much time on their hands

While almost 12 million people tuned in to BBC’s Eastenders last night to learn who had killed Lucy Beale on Good Friday last year, the headlines were about 5 viewers who complained to Ofcom, claiming the mystery was too difficult to solve themselves and bemoaning being given ‘false information’ which ‘misled’ them when trying to work out who killed the character.

Lack of taxis adapted for disabled access

Residents and taxi professionals in Torrox have complained about the lack of vehicles adapted for the disabled, with many people having to order suitable taxis from neighbouring towns. The Mayor, Francisco Muñoz (PSOE), recognises the deficiency but has no plans to rectify the situation at the current time.  

Food for complaints

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has been in existence for 50 years now, has received a grand total of 431,000 complaints (a record 31,548 in 2011) and the most complained about ad was a KFC offering in 2005 with 1,671 complaints.

Breaches of Municipal Cleaning Ordinances in Fuengirola

In the first eight months of this year, Fuengirola has handled a total of 309 complaints relating to breaches of the Municipal Cleaning Ordinances, with fines ranging from €75 for minor offences to €9,000 for serious offences.

Complaints about Vélez-Málaga bus station

The association of local residents ‘Velis’ in Vélez-Málaga has been voicing its concern about the poor state of the bus station in the town, describing it as ‘third world’ and unacceptable in the XXI century.

Parking problems in Frigiliana

Since the closure of the underground parking facility in December, the restricted access to the centre of town and the ‘rearrangement’ of parking on the main road, businesses and residents in Frigiliana are complaining about the lack of parking spaces which, they believe, is costing the town money.

Torrox residents complain about illegal encampment

Last year, in the area near the mouth of the rio Torrox close to the lighthouse, there were about fifty people living or sleeping rough. This figure has since grown to around 200 and the local residents have had enough.