Breaches of Municipal Cleaning Ordinances in Fuengirola

In the first eight months of this year, Fuengirola has handled a total of 309 complaints relating to breaches of the Municipal Cleaning Ordinances, with fines ranging from €75 for minor offences to €9,000 for serious offences.

There were 119 denuncias relating to putting out rubbish on the streets, 76 for urinating in a public place (serious offence), 63 for the unauthorised distribution of publicity material, 19 for abandoning personal belongings on the street, 18 for not picking up dog excrement (serious offence), 7 for unauthorised grafitti, 3 for abandoning garden waste on the street and 2 for interferring with rubbish containers.

Offences relating to the collection of dog excrement and graffiti have declined considerably in the past year.

According to the Council, the decline in graffiti is mainly due to the creation of the Fuengirola Skate Park where walls are available for the use of local street artists.

The Council also held a Day of the Dog, with participants being provided with plastic bags for the collection of animal poo.

The Council, keen to raise awareness about keeping the streets clean, also points out that it is also an offence to discard paper, wrapper, cigarette ends etc in public areas, put out organic waste outside the scheduled hours, water plants outside the permitted times or feed animals on the streets.

There are two free numbers in Fuengirola, the Rapid Intervention Group on 902 20 20 50 and the Furniture Removal Service on 900 101 889.

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