Parking problems in Frigiliana

Since the closure of the underground parking facility in December, the restricted access to the centre of town and the ‘rearrangement’ of parking on the main road, businesses and residents in Frigiliana are complaining about the lack of parking spaces which, they believe, is costing the town money.

The 500 place underground car park at El Ingenio closed in December when the operating company, La Cañada, got into financial difficulties. The centre of Frigiliana has restricted vehicular access and the Council is busy rearranging the parking on the main road.

All this, say businesses, means that visitors to the town are ending up driving round and round to find a parking spot and, if none is available, they leave. This situation means that businesses, and the town, are losing potential revenue.

Residents are also none too happy about the ever-decreasing number of parking spaces. According to the Council, the parking on the ring road is being ‘rearranged’ to improve road safety and, although the Council cannot afford to take on the underground car park due to financial constraints, they say they are negotiating with the owners to reopen the facility.

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