Isla Magica in Sevilla to expand

The Junta de Andalucía and the Sociedad Parque Isla Mágica (PIMSA) have signed the concession contract for the Isla de la Cartuja, the location of the Isla Magica theme park, after a year of negotiations.

The concession is for fifty years and includes provision, permitted under the PGOU, for further building and development on what will be an extended site. There are plans for more park and entertainment areas and for a number of restaurants.

The contract was signed by the Vice-Minister for Economy and Finance, Carmen Martínez Aguayo, and the president of PIMSA, Jose Luis Galan. PIMSA is 70% owned by Cajasol.

Isla Magica employs an average of 300 people in the park each year as well as providing employment for about 100 subcontracted staff.

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