Los Pescaitos

lospescaitosLos Pescaitos is a smallish tapas bar on calle Chaparil, opposite Plaza Tuti Frutti, with the unusual feature of a small hatch to the outside with a couple of stools on the street. It may not look much from the outside, but appearances can be deceptive.

Inside there are five small tables for diners and an ample bar area, with two units on the bar housing an array of delicious looking tapas. As the name of the bar, Los Pescaitos, suggests, the tapas are mainly fishy, although there are the odd meat dishes available.

It was lunchtime, so the place was quite busy, as one might expect, but my entrance was immediately acknowledged and service was very quick.

Amongst the delights on offer were Jurel (Horse Mackerel), Mejillones (Mussels and they they looked delicious), Gambas (Prawns), Navajas (clams), Pulpo Frito (Fried Octopus), Chanquete (Whitebait) and quite a few fish I wouldn’t have a clue as to what they are called, in any language.

All the dishes are prepared behind the bar, as opposed to most places where the cooking is done in a kitchen away from the bar, and this, for me anyway, made it even better. It’s fascinating to watch the dishes being prepared, and maybe even learn the odd trick or two.

As a first tapa I had a large Navaja (clam). It’s not something I have very often so it made a nice change. Very well done.

My second choice was Pulpo Frito (fried octopus). Done well, it is delicious, quite tender in fact. Done badly, it can be very rubbery and difficult to even chew, let alone digest. This one was served cold, no heavy sauce and was done to a tee. Good sized portion. too.

This now gives me two choices for good octopus, and both different. Los Bilbainos, where the octopus comes with a lovely sauce, and here, where it is almost plain.

A beer and a tapa (included with the drink) will set you back €1.40, which is very reasonable by today’s standards.

For those who enjoy fish, definitely a place to try.

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