Maintenance work and power cuts April 14th 2009

Sevillana-Endesa will be carrying out maintenance work on April 14th which will result in the cutting of the power supply in certain areas for a few hours.

The areas affected will be as follows:

April 14 2009 from 11.00 hours to 15:00 hours.

  • Carretera Nacional 340 Malaga-Almeria.
  • Carretera Nacional 340, Avenida de Pescia and Calle Puente del Miso.
    (This cut will also affect the Ciudad Deportiva Enrique López Cuenca and the Indoor Pool and Pavilion)

April 14 2009 from 10’45 am to 13’00 hours.

  • Calle Acentor (Urb Almijara) Urb Almijara II, Urb Almijara III, Calle Alondra, Calle Amarylis (Urb Almijara), Calle Bougambilla (Urb Almijara), Calle Chillar (Urb Almijara II), Calle Colibrí (Urb Almijara), Paseo de Collalba (Urb  Almijara), Calle Ibiscus (Urb Almijara), Calle Jacaranda (Urb Almijara), Calle Jilguero (Urb Almijara), Calle Mirlo (Urb Almijara), Calle Pimpinel (Urb Almijara), Calle Primula (Urb Almijara), Plaza Ruiseñor (Urb Almijara), Calle Vencejo (Urb Almijara)
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