Edukashun rools

Morrisons stores are removing certain educational toys from the shelves of their 382 stores as they are not really that ‘educational’.

A set of alphabet blocks for toddlers, touted as:

Designed to stimulate, educate and make learning fun

tell you that U is for Umberlla, Y is for Yatch and various other strange spellings….

Initially, when complaints were made to Morrissons, people were told that new stocks were on their way from…China….but that they were just leaving the existing, incorrect, stocks on the shelves. Later, however, Morrissons obviously decided it might be wiser to withdraw the offending articles and issue a full refund.

So much for ‘quality control’. However, as many commenters have been keen to point out, these spellings are quite likely to be a lot closer than many under 16’s could manage after twelve years of NuLabour.

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