Capistrano Playa

Capistrano Playa has been in the press recently, unfortunately for the wrong reasons on this occasion, and for a long time now there have been rumours of structural problems and the discussion of such on various forums all over the place.

We all know what the rumour system is like, the ‘Nerja Whispers’, so here is an update on the situation in Capistrano Playa from the new, current president of the Comunidad, Mr Ray Draper.

A little over a year ago owners decided to undertake a major refurbishment project that included improving ventilation, repairing some decaying supports, overhauling electrical and water systems, painting, renovating the swimming pools, removing organic waste which had accumulated in the cellars over the twenty years or so since the site was built, and upgrading sewerage systems.

Repairs to supports involved only about one third of the total project and this work has now largely been completed. Despite rumours to the contrary, the site was never in danger or structurally unsound, a fact attested to by the Architect engaged to oversee the work. Repairs were only ever preventative in nature.

We are well on the way with the project but have decided to postpone some remaining work until autumn because you can imagine that after a year of having builders and machinery working on the site, there is much to do to clean it up and make it safe for the huge influx of holidaymakers due to arrive in high season.

We have not stopped work and it is simply not true that we have failed to pay suppliers. All suppliers have been paid up to date. The Comunidad is financially and economically sound.

Let me assure you that Capistrano Playa remains a unique and beautiful location, one of the best on the Costa Del Sol and one of which owners and the people of Nerja can be justly proud.

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