Frigiliana approves 2009 budget

Frigiliana Council has approved its budget for 2009 which sees a reduction of 4.6% on the previous year.

The ruling PA passed the budget using its absolute majority, with the opposition PSOE and PP abstaining. The budget goes down from €4,030,000 to €3,844,000, a drop of 4.6%. The Mayor of Frigiliana, Javier López, said the budget was in keeping with the prevailing economic crisis.

Staff costs remain unchanged, as if that would surprise anyone, but the money for ferias, festivals and other celebrations is cut from €363,000 to €60,000. For ‘cultural’ events, the budget actually increases from €60,000 to €100,000 but support for the NBA basketball goes down from €58,925 to €40,000.

The traditional ‘summer concert’ has been dropped in favour of concentrating on the Festival de las Tres Culturas – Festival of 3 Cultures – held in August and now in its fourth year.

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