Home alone, for six weeks

National Police officers in Córdoba have ‘rescued’ a six year old boy who had been left alone in the family home for more than two weeks.

The mother of the boy, a Moroccan, apparently left for her home country just over two weeks ago, leaving the child to fend for himself and it is believed that this is not the first time that this has occurred.

The boy had tried to shout for help on several occasions but to no avail. However, he had managed to get out on a couple of occasions and wandered into a local bar to ask for food. After being fed, he always made his way back home again, alone.

The boy’s father is also not in the city, but it is not yet known whether he left before or after the mother. In accordance with the law, the boy has been taken into care by the Junta de Andalucía.

It is, of course, quite conceivable that this was the intended outcome when the woman left. If it was, it is a bit of a dangerous game to play, leaving a six year old alone in an apartment.

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