Two Russians and a porcupine

The Sunshine State of Florida has some quite restrictive laws relating to carnal pleasures and pursuits, one of which specifically prohibits having sex with a porcupine.

Two drunken Russian holidaymakers, were involved in a party discussion about crazy American laws and were quite taken with the ‘porcupine law’. So much so that they set off into the wilds of Florida with the intention of carrying out lewd activities with one of these beasts in order to defy the law.

Unfortunately for these two Russians, they found one of these spiky beasts and, as a result, both men ended up needing medical attention.

Wisely, to avoid prosecution, the pair boarded a plane for Los Angeles before seeking medical attention. Not only did their exploits require the removal of spines from their most tender regions, but a subsequent severe inflammation almost cost them their private parts altogether.

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