Astounding revelations

Hot on the heels of the astounding revelation that ducks like water, a new 178 page report commissioned by the Rail Safety and Standards Board has reached some astonishing conclusions.

The £500,000 report, which has taken two years to complete, reveals that rail passengers prefer:

  • Trains that run on time
  • Less crowded trains

Apparently, and this will come as a great shock to most, rail passengers are likely to be in a ‘positive emotional state’ if the train is on time and, wait for it, a ‘negative emotional state’ if it is not punctual.

And the remarkable revelations don’t stop there, so take a seat.

Passengers prefer to sit rather than stand, and putting a bag on a seat discourages other passengers from trying to take that seat! You live and learn.

The study involved secretly filming passengers with a camera hidden in a cardboard box for a total of one hour! Talk about in-depth.

The passenger group More Train Less Strain have also been critical of passengers being filmed without their permission!

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