Protest against bullfighting

In Córdoba yesterday, around 600 people marched through the streets to demand an end to bullfighting in the province.

The marchers included members of the Colectivo Andaluz Contra el Maltrato Animal (Cacma) and Ecologistas en Acción.

The demonstration, which was entirely peaceful, began at the Plaza de las Tendillas and ended at the bullfight arena Coso de los Califas.

The protesters believe bullfighting to be an unnecessary ‘show’ of torture, humiliation and death and is not, as is often portrayed, a part of the artistic or cultural heritage of the province. They see the latter as mere pretence, justification for a barbaric act which ends in the taking of life.

On a secondary note, the protesters expressed dismay that, as the economic crisis worsens, grants towards the staging of bullfights continue, with some €370 million having been made available during the first quarter of 2009.

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