Laguna Niguel says ‘NO to crack’

Legend has it that it all began back in 1979 at the Mugs Away Saloon in Laguna Niguel, California, and since that time it has become an annual event attracting up to 10,000 people.

Now, however, the good people of Laguna Niguel are trying to put a stop to it. The police have banned on-street parking in the area near the railroad tracks between Thursday and Sunday this week, and public drinking and public urination have also been banned. The city already has an ordinance banning public nudity.

Back in 1979, according to the legend, a customer in the Mugs Away Saloon offered to buy a drink for anyone who would moon a train from the Camino Capistrano road. Last year, over 8,000 people turned up to bare their posteriors to the passing Amtrak trains, as well as to drink, of course.

However, the authorities are now determined to stamp out the event, known as ‘Moon over Amtrak’, and a huge police presence has been promised with full enforcement of local ordinances. Die-hard mooners, on the other hand, are hoping for a good turnout as usual, despite the opposition.

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