Paraglider hits power cables in Torrox

A paraglider crashed into high tension electricity cables near Calaceite, Torrox, yesterday, the accident causing a fire which destroyed 15 hectares of land.

Forty year old J.M., a resident of Frigiliana, hit the high tension cables on top of the hill in Calaceite in the area known as the Puerto de Torrox. One of the cables, and there are many in the area, broke and caused a spark which, in turn, ignited scrub in the Cerro Pastora ravine.

The paraglider, whose friends were also in the area, was quickly rescued and was found to have suffered only minor injuries.

Meanwhile, the fire began to spread and several families in the area fled their homes as the flames approached their houses. Two Fire Brigade units and 27 members of Infocid battled the fire, trying to prevent it reaching houses in the area as well as radio towers on top of the hill.

Two helicopters were initially called in to assist but the prevailing wind conditions made controlling the fire difficult and two more helicopters joined the team.

The fire was eventually extinguished two hours later, although some units remained in the area to monitor the situation.

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