Ayo on TV

Burriana beach, and Ayo’s in particular, were the subject of an in-depth programme broadcast on Canal Sur TV last night.

Four reporters spent a day shadowing the staff and, on this occasion, carrying out all the duties performed by those staff, even down to the washing up. Normally, such programmes tend to take a very superficial look at towns or businesses.

The programme, 75 minutos, was broadcast last night. The Council is very much in favour of such programmes because it not only promotes the town but also does not require the opening of the municipal coffers. Free publicity.

The Council is generally very good at issuing a press release after the event, not so good at giving warning that such an event is about to take place or is about to be screened!

Antenna 3 are planning to do some filming on the Balcón de Europa at some time during August.

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