Shooting in Moraleda

A shooting yesterday in the small village of Moraleda has left three people in hospital. One of the injured, a woman in an advanced state of pregnancy, has lost her baby as a result of the incident.

A 62 year old man is in Intensive Care after being shot four times, twice in the stomach, once in the leg and once in the arm. He is in a serious condition in the Hospital de Traumatología in Granada and has already undergone two operations.

His daughter, aged 22 years, was also shot several times in various parts of the body. In an advanced state of pregnancy, she has lost the baby as a result of her injuries. She is in the ICU at the Hospital Clínico in Granada where, after surgery, her condition is described as ‘stable’.

The third victim only received minor injuries and has already been discharged from hospital.

The shooting took place in calle Cruz and is believed to have been the result of an earlier quarrel and brawl between two Gypsy families. The perpetrator opened fire and emptied the magazine into the group of people. He has been positively identified and is now the subject of a ‘search and capture’ warrant.

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