Brutal killing in Palma

National Police officers in Palma have arrested a 66 year old man who, after having disappeared without trace 30 years ago, reappeared and killed his wife’s new partner in a brutal attack.

Miguel S.B., married with two children, was no stranger to the forces of law and order, having been arrested on thirty occasions. Then one day, thirty years ago, he just upped and left his wife and children and disappeared without trace.

As time passed, his wife came to the conclusion that something must have happened and that her husband must be dead. She then met Juan M.M. who was working on the Son Castelló industrial estate and the pair became an item.

On Friday August 7th 2009, Juan went to get into his car but noticed that the door had been forced. As he examined it, he was struck on the head with an iron bar. His attacker continued his vicious assault even after Juan fell to the floor, hitting him repeatedly on the head with the iron bar until he died.

The incident was witnessed by neighbours, one of whom gave chase, following the attacker down several streets despite being threatened with violence on several occasions if he didn’t give up his pursuit.

The attacker was then located by a police patrol. At the time of his arrest, the attacker was carrying the iron bar used in the vicious assault and a large knife. He was identified as 59 year old Miguel S.B., the ex-husband of the dead man’s partner who had disappeared without trace 30 years ago.

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