€6,000 fine and 3 months closure for local club

The Council has fined one of the local nightclubs €6,000 and has ordered the closure of the establishment for three months in relation to acoustic pollution issues.

The Councilor responsible for such matters, Jonathan Méndez, said the Council is going to be inflexible when it comes to enforcing noise regulations and asks the owners of pubs and clubs to respect opening times, the closing of doors and windows to prevent disturbance to neighbours and the proper use of ‘limiters’ to control the volume levels of music.

Residents in calle Chaparil had made complaints about noise levels emanating from the nightclub Hozone and various acoustic measurements were taken. It was discovered that the limiter in the premises had been ‘manipulated’.

The enforcement of noise regulations by local authorities has, of course, become more of a (financial) concern following the El Copo court case in Torre del Mar when the Supreme Court ordered the Council to pay almost €3 million compensation to local residents who had suffered a decade of inconvenience due to excessive noise levels.

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