Babies used in drug smuggling network

The Guardia Civil has dismantled a well structured and highly organised network introducing drugs into Spain.

The organisation, operating in Málaga, Cádiz and Ceuta, was divided into three separate units, each with specific responsibilities.

Group one smuggled hashish into the country using babies, hiding the drugs in blankets in child seats under sleeping  toddlers. Once in Spain, the group used stolen cars with false bottoms to transport the drugs to destinations in Spain and the rest of Europe.

A second group was responsible for introducing cocaine into the country. The cocaine was hidden in chocolate bars which were mailed from Chile to various accommodation addresses in Spain. Various different people would then pick up the packages.

The third group was responsible for stealing cars or receiving stolen cars to be used for the ferrying of drugs from Ceuta. In some cases, stolen cars were completely disassembled and transported as scrap or as spares before being reassembled at the other end.

A total of 21 people were arrested in the police operation, 8 Spaniards, 5 Moroccans, 5 Frenchmen, 2 Britons and 1 Chilean. In addition to these detainees, a further 13 people were charged with various crimes.

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