Police break up prostitution network in Bormujos

Six people have been detained in Bormujos, Sevilla, in connection with the exploitation of South American women for sexual purposes, namely prostitution.

The investigation began in June when three Venezuelan women were refused entry at Madrid’s Barajas airport because their ‘letters of invitation’ were forgeries.

Letters of invitation are issued solely by the police to allow individuals from certain foreign countries to enter Spain. In this case, the three Venezuelan women were purportedly going to stay with their godmother. The godmother turned out to be a 49 year old Venezuelan woman in Bormujos who had three prior arrests.

Foreigners entering the country with forged letters of invitation were taken to a house in Bormujos where they were told how much to charge and made aware of the ‘house rules’.

When the police raided the house in Bormujos, several women were actually engaged in their daily ‘work’ and were arrested.

The six detainees were 3 Venezuelan women, 1 Brazilian woman, 1 Spanish woman and 1 Spanish man.

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