Six arrested in prostitution ring

The National Police and Romanian Police have dismantled an organisation dedicated to sexually exploiting young Romanian girls in El Ejido, Almeria.

Arrests in Málaga for sexual exploitation

Police have dismantled an organisation involved in the sexual exploitation of Nigerian women in Málaga, arresting amongst others two ringleaders of the network.

Prostitution organisation broken up

Ten people have been arrested for involvement in bringing pregnant women or those with young children into Spain and subsequently forcing them into prostitution.

Parents arrested in prostitution case

The Guardia Civil in El Ejida, Almeria, has arrested the parents of a 17-year-old girl who was carrying out prostitution in the area around her home.

Prostitution ring broken up in Estepona

An alert issued by the German authorities via Interpol has resulted in the dismantling of an organisation controlling prostitution on the streets of Estepona.

Prostitution network dismantled

Police have arrested nineteen people involved in two organisations bringing young girls from Rumania to work as prostitutes in Junquera, Girona.