Season tickets for the new El Chaparil (Verano Azul) parking

The Councillor responsible for Municipal Parking, Antonio Navas, has announced that, as from tomorrow, applications can be made for season tickets for the new ‘El Chaparil’ parking located next to the parque Verano Azul.

The new car park is finally set to open after the feria after years of delays.

Anyone living or working in adjacent streets can apply for a season ticket at the Town Hall (ground floor, the all-purpose window). Those living in the appropriate catchment area need to provide documentation proving that they live in one of the adjacent streets.

Anyone who works in the area must also provide photocopies of DNI/IAE and vehicle registration documents. Processing of the applications will be immediate.

The streets considered adjacent are:

Chaparil, Plaza Chaparil, Antonio El Añejo, Fray Junípero Serra, Plaza Rambla del Río Chillar and Plaza de La Marina, calle Puente Viejo, calle San Isidro, calle Ingenio and an as yet unnamed (or built!) street parallel to calle Ingenio, Calle Antonio Ferrandis from the intersection with Calle Almirante Carranza street until the junction with calle Mérida, Avenida Mediterráneo, calle Doctor Ferrán, calle Pedro de Valdivia, calle Balboa, calle Cortez and calle Pizarro.

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