9 detained in dodgy land deal

Nine people have been detained and charged by the Guardia Civil in relation to illegally built houses. Eight have been charged with violating the local planning regulations and a ninth person has been charged with swindling the other eight.

SEPRONA, the Guardia Civil’s natural wing, paid a visit to the Complejo Rural Cuatro Caminos S.L. on the outskirts of Villalba del Alcor, Huelva province, and discovered that the complex consisted of ten plots of land, upon which five wooden houses and four pools had already been built and another three wooden houses were under construction.

According to the Council this was rural land and no planning permission had been requested nor had any been granted. Eight people were then charged with illegal land use and a ninth person, the promoter and constructor, 33 year old P.G.C., was charged with swindling the other eight by providing false information regarding the legality of building properties on the land they had purchased from him.

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