Petition started in Torre de Benagalbón

The Association of Residents in Torresol, part of Torre de Benagalbón in the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria have started a petition to protest about the neglect of the area by the municipal authorities.

The residents point out that Torre de Benagalbón is the only population centre still without a doctor, something the association has been requesting for years, and there is no reading room or library.

They are also concerned about progress, or lack of it, with a number of building projects in the area, including paving and the erection of safety fences near the railway line at Cortijo Blanco.

A meeting took place in March between residents and members of the PSOE-PSIRV government team and it was apparently agreed that there would be feedback within a couple of months and that regular meetings would take place. That was seven months ago, and since then? Nothing at all.

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