Extremists detained in Sevilla

National Police officers in Sevilla have so far arrested five members of far-right movements on charges of crimes against fundamental rights and causing bodily injury.

The incident took place on October 11th in a food and drinks establishment in Sevilla.

The five men entered the establishment and apparently began an unprovoked verbal attack on two Senegalese nationals who were in the shop. The verbal assault then turned into a physical attack.

Some people inside the establishment tried to intervene and mediate in the fight and were told by the attackers that the reason for their action was that the two Senegalese men were stealing from the shop. Other witnesses, however, later refuted this notion.

After the attack, the five men fled the scene and drove to Huelva to attend a concert. After the arrests, a search of the house belonging to the ringleader of the group resulted in the discovery of various Nazi emblems plus a number of offensive weapons.

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