Roses by any other packaging

In the UK, another tradition could be on its way out after 70 years if trials prove successful.

It’s the round tin of Cadbury’s Roses, a familiar, popular and traditional part of Christmas for many generations. It is to be replaced by a square cardboard box – not quite the same. There will be the same weight of chocolates in the new container, but despite being touted as easier to recycle and, presumably cheaper to produce, the retail price will remain the same.

The change is on a trial basis but could become permanent if the trial is deemed a success.

The familiar tins were invariably kept and reused for all sorts of things, from storing cakes and other foodstuffs to being a home for toys, sewing materials or nuts and bolts. It would be interesting to know just how many people did keep the tins because one could be going from a situation where, say 30% were discarded, to a situation where 100% will be thrown out, albeit recyclable.

In theory, anyway. There have been a lot of examples recently where carefully sorted rubbish, done so under the threat of fines, is then heaped into one truck and sent to a landfill site. So is the move that ‘green’?

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