Point and shoot

camerasChoosing a camera often boils down to personal choice or brand allegiance, all of them doing very much the same thing these days. You can read three reviews of a particular camera and get three totally different opinions ranging from awful through OK to the best thing since sliced bread. Here is one list of the so-called Best Point and Shoot Cameras for Every Purpose…..

I decided to get a new camera in the summer and after much deliberation and dithering, settled on a Canon Ixus 90IS. It was reduced from about €350 to €180 so quite a bargain.

Sturdy, good video, excellent picture quality, battery seems to last forever – only charged it half a dozen times in 6 months and have taken 3,000 pictures and hundreds of videos – and it starts up in an instant, amazingly, for those quick snaps.

It’s nothing flashy, either in design or capabilities, but must say I find it absolutely excellent.

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