So what is the point?

At a time when people are being supplied with all sorts of different bags and bins for recycling purposes and half-blind pensioners are fined for putting the wrong coloured bottle into a particular recycling bin, the following may come as no surprise.

Ron, who keeps us supplied with all the loony goings on back in the Asylum, carefully sorts the paper from the cardboard and religiously puts the bottles in the correct coloured container, as people are requested to do these days.

So, along come the binmen and take the carefully sorted cardboard and paper containers….and tip them into the same container in the lorry! When questioned, the driver said, ‘no need to sort’.

Then, along came the bottle collectors. They took the carefully sorted bottles and, you’ve guessed it, tipped them into one large container in the lorry. When questioned, the driver said, ‘Doesn’t make any difference. I’m only taking them to a big storage area to be shipped off somewhere else, or dumped’.

One assumes that this does not happen everywhere, but it obviously happens in some areas of the country. If you happen to be around when the binmen next come to collect your carefully sorted refuse, watch what they do and let us know if a similar thing happens in your area.

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