Two robberies at Unicaja branches in Málaga

Thieves used gas to try and rob a branch of the Unicaja bank in calle Gerald Brenan, Málaga, causing an explosion which uprooted the ATM.

The thieves introduced gas into the ATM cabin and then ignited it with a blowtorch through a small gap in the doorway. The ATM was uprooted and there quite a bit of damage, but the thieves still only managed to gain access to one of the small dispensing cash boxes and not the main safe which meant their haul was relatively small.

In another attempted robbery at a Unicaja bank on the San Luis industrial estate, the thieves used more conventional, and less dangerous, methods to gain entry, drillng through the wall.

However, some some unknown reason, although the thieves successfully gained entry, neither the dispenser nor the safe were touched.

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