Thief robs British Expat while ‘helping’


Retired British Expat Neville Stock claims that he was scammed by a thief in broad daylight as he tried to take money from a cash machine. The 66-old-pensioner said the man began shouting enthusiastically at him as he was punching in his pin code at CajaSur ATM in Estepona. Unable to see the screen well due to the sun shining …

HOLIDAY SCAM ALERT: Look out for new cash machine con whilst on holiday in Spain

cash machine skimmer

Spanish police have issued a warning to the public about a new ATM scam that is spreading around Spain.   The con involves thieves placing a fake ‘skimmer’ on the cash machine’s card reader. What the fake ‘skimmer’ does is copy all the information from the magnetic strip on your card when you insert it into the machine. To combat …

Caught in the act

National Police officers have arrested two people in Marbella as they allegedly manipulated an ATM at a bank, installing a card reader into the ATM in order to capture credit card information for the subsequent cloning of the cards.

Bang goes an ATM

Thieves used explosives early this morning in a raid on a Unicaja ATM in Añoreta Golf, Torre de Benagalbón, making off with an unspecified amount of cash.


It’s a rare occurrence, but an ATM customer actually came across a skimmer attached to the front of the machine. If you don’t know what a skimmer is, or what one looks like or how it works, this little article is well worth a read. Nothing is safe these days. SKIMMER