HOLIDAY SCAM ALERT: Look out for new cash machine con whilst on holiday in Spain

Spanish police have issued a warning to the public about a new ATM scam that is spreading around Spain.


The con involves thieves placing a fake ‘skimmer’ on the cash machine’s card reader.

What the fake ‘skimmer’ does is copy all the information from the magnetic strip on your card when you insert it into the machine.

To combat the con, police recommend that you first pull the luminous card insertion point on a cash machine to check if it is false.

Other recommendations from the police include not using machines where you see people hanging about suspiciously or in poorly lit areas.

Also, never take help from a stranger and always cover your hand when entering your pin number.

While the crime rate in Nerja is extremely low in comparison to more built up areas to the west of Malaga, people should always be aware of their surroundings no matter how safe an area feels.

  1. Adrian Moore says:

    Sorry, but is it not the responsibility of the bank to ensure the ATM is secure? I don’t think the bank would appreciate me trying to dismantle their equipment? Maybe their Manager should take the odd walk outside to check?

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