Wasted millions

It is costing the British taxpayer £6 million per year to provide protection for one Tony Blair (one is more than enough!!) as he jets around the world making millions for himself.

Furthermore, the bill is likely to be higher next year as he makes cameo appearances at the Chilcot cover-up of the Iraqi war. It is costing more to protect Blair than it is to protect Mr Bean.

The costs are met by Scotland Yard and the Home Office, the taxpayer in other words, and there are many who do not approve. They say it is one thing to offer, and pay for, protection for politicians when they are on official business but it is entirely another can of fish when said politician is jetting around for private commercial purposes, and earning millions in the process.

Tony Blair is thought to have earned in the region of £18 million during the past two years through public speaking and various other deals and has become quite a property tycoon.

It is being suggested that he should start contributing towards the cost of security for these non-official money-making jaunts, and quite right too.

There also those who believe that he should be afforded permanent round-the-clock security, Wandsworth or Parkhurst being the leading suggestions.

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