In safe hands

Good to know that we are all in safe hands as the FBI produces an enhanced photograph using ‘cutting edge technology’ to possibly show what Osama Bin Laden looks like now he is older. Well, that was the idea, anyway.

Usually, when producing age-progressed photographs, forensic artists generally select features from a database of stock reference photographs to create the new image.

However, in this case, they couldn’t find one and, instead, trawled the internet to find a suitable image to play around with. The one they found, and used, belonged to Gaspar Llamazares, the former leader of Spain’s United Left coalition. Mr Llamazares now feels unsafe travelling around America with a modified image of his campaign picture adorning wanted posters.

He also believes that it is his, and not Bin Laden’s, life that has been put in danger. The FBI did admit their mistake, saying they had no idea the image was of a Spanish politician. That will help.

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