Selling England by the pound

The gold has been sold (probably the silverware, too), power companies are now foreign owned, as are major airports, so what’s left for NuLiebour to sell off to try and make a small dent in the huge debts it has accumulated as a result of its appalling mismanagement of the UK economy?

How about the Port of Dover, one of the few ports still under government control and one which actually makes a profit.

The Port of Dover is Europe’s busiest ferry port and in 2008 made a profit of £15 million. It is a ‘trust port’, which means that all revenue is reinvested, which must irk the government somewhat. Bosses at the port are currently looking to investment £400 million and have plans to double the freight traffic by 2040.

Its sale, however, would net Mr Bean around £350 million, and as he has managed to increase the national debt to £850 billion, one can easily see this happening, and probably fairly quickly.

And who will be the beneficiary? Well, the leading contender to take over the Port of Dover is Nord-pas-de-Calais regional council, which also owns Calais. The previous French bid to take over the Port of Dover was repelled in 1295.

They could always sell the Houses of Parliament, of course, and you never know, maybe this time the end result would be someone in there who knew what they were doing.

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