Green light to phased sewage plant project

It appears that the suggestion by the Andalucia Water Agency to carry out the water treatment plant project in phases has been given the green light.

The draft proposal for the sewage plant made by the Junta de Andalucia and submitted to the Ministry of Environment includes the construction of a 3.5 kilometre pipeline off the Nerja coast. Although the Málaga Department of Coasts raised no objections to the pipeline, the Department of Coasts in Madrid took a different view and rejected the project.

The idea now being proposed by the Andalucia Water Agency is to remove the pipeline from the project for the moment so that other phases of the work can actually be started. The pipeline issue would then be resolved at a later date.

The latest target seems to be to achieve zero discharge of residual waste into the sea by the year 2015. That is, of course, if things ever get started.

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