Burger King Bandits

The Burger King Bandits seem to have returned to Málaga, three establishments being hit during the ‘puente’ weekend in the capital as a result of Andalucia Day.

The first raid was on the Burger King in calle Virgen del Rosario in the Los Patios area of the city. The robbers, however, were forced to flee the scene without any loot.

The second raid was at around 04:25 on Tuesday morning at the establishment located on the Carretera de Coín in Churriana. The thieves ripped out the safe and hauled it away to a vehicle parked outside. It is thought they managed to get away with around €2,300 in cash.

Raid number three was on the Burger King in avenida Lope de Vega, El Atabal. Once again the thieves ripped out the safe but this time, on their way to their car, they were surprised by a passing police patrol. A high speed chase ensued along the A-357 but the robbers managed to escape.

These latest three cases bear a similarity to similar robberies carried out on Burger King establishments during the last Constitution Day ‘puente’ in December 2009. During these raids, on establishments in calle Virgen del Rosario and avenida Valle-Inclán, the thieves got away with €15,000 in cash, once again ripping out the safe.

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